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Why is it after so long it still hurts. Yes the other day I heard the bad word. And it was aimed at me. Why does it entice these feelings. On would say wear it proud or just get over it. But for some reason I find myself in a spot where I can't let it go. I could careless about the person I once called a friend that now has shown their true colors. Maybe that is what hurts the most. Is that was from someone I considered a friend. Oh well so much for thinking I was over the use of that word.

I want to end this on a positive note. I can't figure out how to do that. There is not much to say really. I am just doing the whole "daily grind" that is life. Work eat shit sleep rinse repeat. Where do we as adults loose that sense we once had as a kid. That wonder with everything. The fun I used to have and enjoy the simplest of things and feel full filled. I guess I need to meditate on these things and move forward.

Small Update

Been awhile since I have been on here. Things have really been just the daily grind of life. Work has been stress full the past week. Our corporate office people were jumping down our throats again. Then again when you are involved in start ups it normally happens that way.

In other news we got our plane tickets for St.Louis so we now have the means to get to Hibearnation. Now I just need to call the hotel to reserve the room. Which I plan on doing after I am done here.

Home improvement front Andrew is installing the bathtub today. The closer we are to getting our house done the better. I can't wait till we can get in the shower comfortably together. I will get some pics posted on this later. I have been lazy and not taken any here lately.

That about does it for now. Catch y'all later.

4th on the 5th

Well I celebrated the 4th by going to Lincoln to see Larry the Cable Guy. To say the least he was hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. I did get to walk away with a war wound though. We decided to walk from our nephews apartment which was quite a ways away form the stadium. Well I wore some flip flops. BIG mistake. I now am the proud owner of a blister under my left foot right where I step. So yes I am now limping, let the gimp jokes begin. Here is a pic I took while there. There is more over at my flickr account. Just stick to the small sizes they look better lol.

Green Shirt Thursday

Well I decided to join for today. Here I is in my green shirt.


BTW There is more pics at my flickr. and no I didn't link em. ;p

Happy Birthday!

I want to say happy birthday to a dear friend. Mr. Supercub79! Grats on one more year.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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An early birthday present

Well since this month is my birthday I got to celebrate it a little early. I got to go see KoRn last thursday. Yeah it is a little late on the post but I have been a busy little cub here. I really enjoyed the show we got there so early we were the first people in the venue. So that naturally means that I was on the rail stage center for the whole show. Alas, there was no cameras allowed in the venue but I did take my cellphone in with its camera. So I got some semi decent shots, for a cellphone.

There is more over at my flickr account that you can check out. Needless to say though I am sore as all hell now. There were two opening acts, Violence to Vegas, and Powerman 5000. Violence to Vegas was an ok band. Since I hadn't heard of em I gave them their chance and they were decent. I was really looking forward to see PM5K and KoRn though. PM5K took the stage and did a great job. I really enjoyed watching Spider jump around the stage. The only problem was when they took the stage the rail moved forward about 6 inches. They finished up and then the road crew started putting KoRn set together. It was nice stripped down and classic looking. Of course when they took the stage the crowd went nuts and moved the rail yet again another 6 inches. Kind of unnerved me a little bit but we survived. Now my knees elbows and tummy are all sore. But 100% worth the pain to see them.


funny pictures of cats with captions
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Ok so I don't post often enough. it has been what almost a month. Well most of it is the same ole smae ole. or SSDD as I like to say. I have been working way too much. I only have Sunday's off. So my week is spent in front of a computer watching agents make phone calls. And supplying them with the numbers.

In other news I am going to get to see KoRn on thursday. YAY! It will be the first time that I get to see them when I am in the pit. I am hoping to get there early enough to be on the rail. But then again I will only be able to head to the venue after work so who knows.

Avenue Q

Well what can I say that hasn't already been said about Avenue Q. Other than I fucking loved it. I almost pissed my pants at one point from laughing so hard. The funny part is we ran into some friends that live in Omaha there. So we did a little catching up with them. If you have not seen the show and it comes anywhere near you I highly recommend that you see it.



Today was just a blah day then this came along and made me giggle.
funny pictures of cats with captions
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So I just got myself tickets to?


I cannot wait to see it. At the end of the month on a sunday even. My day off!!!!! WOOT!!!! I have been dying to see this show. And the beefy hotness that stars in it.


I also picked up tickets for Andrew's parents so they can see it as well. I am sure they will enjoy it.


I so cannot wait!!!! Oh did I mention I am excited!!!!!!



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